Wedding Photoshoot

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A few weeks ago, I collaborated with Heather Hawkins, Bows and Arrows, and Abernathy Media Professionals to create some great bridal editorial. Bows and Arrows, a floral company, styled and provided all the floral decor while Heather Hawkins photographed, Abernathy Media Professionals filmed, and Carmen Williams made up each of the models.

The whole day was a little bit of a whirl wind that started with a drone flying overhead and ended with a model floating in the reflection pool, but it couldn't have been more fascinating to watch such a large group of people working in their respective crafts.

I'll have to come back and update this post when we get video back from AMP, but in the mean time I thought I'd share some of the photographs taken by Heather Hawkins. Enjoy!


Symbolic Gestures

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This spring we have been working on a capsule jewelry collection of wedding pieces. Stay tuned tomorrow as we post images and film of our awesome collaboration with floral designers Bows and Arrows, wedding photographer Heather Hawkins , Abernethy Media Professionals and many other talented stylists, make-up and hair people who will be helping to create a story of ceremony and ritual. Below are a few of our new pieces that we will be using for the shoot.

While I'm on the topic of jewelry and rituals, I have been meaning to post this story from a very romantic customer who's wife collects our jewelry. It's a testimony to the symbolic quality of jewelry and the very personal meaning that it holds. As we move into wedding season it seemed fitting to share his story of love and the symbolism behind the gift of a ring.


“Look what I found.” The waitress held out her hand, holding a pearl. It was small. Tiny. The smallest pearl we had ever seen. 

We were celebrating our anniversary in British Columbia. Smitty’s Oyster House in Gibsons BC was recommended by friends. Good food. Nice people. Fresh oysters. We didn’t really expect the waitress to be so nice as to give us the pearl she found. But she was good enough to do  and now we had a sentimental souvenir from our anniversary trip. The problem was, what to do with it?

It sat on the mantle in a plastic baggie for a couple of months. The sentimental value was a bit of a curse. We couldn’t get rid of it. But it was too small to do anything with.

 Mid-January, I received an email from Julie Cohn Design. I had recently bought a ring for my wife from Julie Cohn Design. She loves her pieces and has a couple of fingers full of Julie's rings. It was then that I noticed a ring with a small moonstone and it sparked an idea. The moonstone was the approximate size of the pearl. What if....

 After a series of emails with Julie to discuss the possibilities, the perfect Valentine’s gift was created.

 When Feb 14th rolled around, I couldn’t wait for my wife to open her gift. She opened the package and was excited to find another Julie C ring.

 “Another Julie Cohn ring. You’re running out of finger space.” I said. “I love it!” – she said  “Do you know what kind of stone it is?” I said.  “Nope.” she replied

 “Really? Take a closer look. What kinda of stone is it?”  “I have no idea. Maybe a pearl? <long pause> It’s THE pearl!!!” – Julie

 Finally, that little pearl found the perfect home; it's sentimental journey had come full circle. 

( The Mini Solitaire, Organic Band and Cleopatra London Blue are all part of her stack )


Simple Lovely Blog Post

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My friend, Joslyn Taylor, came to Earth: Water/Mountain and wrote about it on her blog. It was a show curated by Ka and Jan Chuen Yeung at 33 at 2133. Read it here:

Earth: Water/Mountain (Or Yet Another Chance to Write About Rocks and Inspiring Ladies)

That in the past week I've gotten all misty over big slabs of stone (and other pretty things found in nature) and marveled at my good fortune in having a cadre of wickedly creative/lovely/inspiring lady friends seems awfully timely given last night's adventures.

My (creative/lovely/inspiring) friend, jewelry designer Julie Cohn along with the (equally creative/lovely/inspiring) stylist Jan Yeung invited Samand I and a group of our friends to a private preview of the upcoming exhibit EARTH: Water/ Mountain -- Artists Studies of Nature at Jan's pop-up gallery 33at2133.

The show features 33 objects that "reveal artist's perspective on nature through fine art, functional objects created from nature, symbols of nature, landscapes and design."

Among the insanely beautiful creations are a Qing dynasty scholar's rock, lacquered stones, Julie's stunning wearable works of art, a Nakashima bench, Jan's husband Ka Yeung's exquisite photographs and "Insincere Landscapes," and one of Il Lee's memorizing ballpoint works. And friends, every. single. piece. totally and completely blew my mind.

Full stop.

My Dallas friends can take in the exhibit (and purchase pieces) at 33at2133 this Friday from 6:30 to 9 pm and Saturday from 1 to 6 pm or by appointment for a limited time. I would highly recommend an in-person visit (see: "totally and completely blew my mind").

The rest of you lovely peeps can see the show in its entirety (and yes also purchase, and trust me, you will want to purchase something) on the the gallery's website starting Saturday.

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of some of the loveliness.

Thank you Jan and Julie for the wholly magical evening.

Ka Yeung's photography

Ka Yeung's "Insincere Lanscapes"

A piece by the incomparable Il Lee

Some of my amazing studio mates

Julie Cohn's beautiful jewelry

Looking Back: The 2014 Highlights

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As I looked back over 2014 I realized that there were some milestone events worth remembering. I learned a lot about my craft, ventured into new territory and was pleased with the recognition I received. It was not an easy year but the highlights made the lowlights bearable. Here's what shined the brightest, no pun intended.



1. Installed - Luminaria Sculpture at Dallas Love Field Airport

2. Honored - Luminaria -  Top 100 Art and Design Projects CODA/WORX  2014 International Competition 

3. Trunk ShowStanley Korshak Dallas Texas

4. Launched - Our first Gold collection at Stanley Korshak

5. Finalist - Garden and Gun: Made In the South Awards: Style and Design Section

6. Published - "Natural Instinct"- DMagazine Sept/Oct 2014 article on my home

7. Exhibited - Karry Gallery Paris, show at Hotel Ermitage Saint Tropez

8. Opened - First European account: Yuriko Gioielli/ Milan

9. Designed - Small collection of limited edition jewelry for "Mountain/Water" show at 33at2133 opening Feb. 2015

10.Celebrated - My Mother's 90th birthday




My Assistant, Valerie Vasquez

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This is Valerie Vasquez. She is my amazing assistant and the one posting our new work on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. While the posts are in third person, she speaks for me while I am busy with the Fall collection and designing our new gold collection. Thank you all for comments and support. We are really excited about the new pieces posted on the website.  Black is Beautiful could certainly be a subcategory. 

Black is Beautiful

The Fun Couple

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Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays. My husband and I have not dressed up for maybe 20 years. At the suggestion of my daughter's friend we decided to dress up as each other. I thought I'd post this even though Halloween has passed. While I don't feel like the "fun" ones of my younger friends, our costume was a hit. Dave is wearing the Molten necklace for those of you trying to get his "look". He hasn't done his Polyvore page yet. Talk amongst yourselves......



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I walk at the lake at the end of my street early in the mornings. Everyday it provides a wealth of source material for my work. Today I saw the first tinge of fall color; not yet the blood red leaves that inspired my Orchid necklace. The stems left from the flowers that have stopped blooming are just as beautiful as when the flowers were the main event. Here are some of my recent finds that will eventually meander their way into my work.

The 2013 Fall Collection

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I met photographer Shayna Fontana at one of my trunk shows early last year. We clicked. Being an artist and designer for 30 years has exposed me to lots of creative people. Some talk a big game and don’t deliver, but a select number are actually the real deal. They’re visionary, they follow through on commitments and deadlines, and do fantastic work all while being a professional. Shayna is that rare person.

In September, Shayna and stylist Carlos Alonso Parada put together a shoot for my fall jewelry collection. Carlos is also the real deal. The synergy between their talents is evident in the work. Everything looks effortless and beautiful on model Vanessa Moody, who’s hair and make-up were done by Kate YanceyShayna’s laid back style of shooting with natural light, using my house and garden as the setting, was spontaneous and unlabored. Of course what jewelry designer doesn't get thrilled when they see their jewelry worn with Comme de Garçon clothing?  

Lights at the end of the Tunnel: Luminaria

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It has been almost 2 years since artist Diana Goldberg and I applied for our public art project at Dallas Love Field Airport and we are now literally seeing the lights at the end of the tunnel. Our piece Luminaria is currently at the fabricators and will be ready to install mid August. Last month we met with representatives from Love Field, the Aviation Dept. and the Dallas Public Art Program to view the first of 6  7'x10' brushed stainless steel lanterns. Not knowing if all the elements would come together in an elegant way and realize our original vision, we held our breath when they installed the lighting element. There was a collective sigh of relief to see that all of the elements came together just as we planned.This piece installs at the secondary exterior entrance to Love Field. If the ideas don't come together, there's nowhere to hide it.

This is by far the most ambitious project I have ever collaborated on. Without Diana's knowledge from 30 years of public art installations I would have been lost. Artists working in the public art sector are required to design/build; we have to hire engineers, read through soil reports, wind reports, structural reports, lighting and electrical engineering reports, work with fabricators and oversee the installation process. It took 6 months of CAD work just to interpret our designs for laser cutting on a CNC machine; slackers need not apply. Each lanturn is cut with an overall pattern that symbolizes an aspect of flight: Quantum Physics, Computers, Flight Routing, Wind Patterns, Jet Propulsion and the Bernoulli Principle. Lance Mayfield from LMS Fabrication is the guy you want when you're down to the fabrication and installation. Metal is his expertise and he never shies away from a challenge.


                                                               Here are some photos documenting the last month as we move towards completion.

Diana and me onsite at Love Field

                                                 Luminaria- Quantum Physics shown tacked welded together with protective paper covering the steel.

                                    The lanturn turned on it's side so the fabricator can roll it as they polish the welds. It looks like the end of a fuselage.

Quantum Physics illuminated

Luminaria- Quantum Physics illuminated

Luminaria - Flight Routing pattern, waiting for polishing.



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This spring in Dallas has been one of the prettiest I remember since I’ve lived here. As I work all day in my home studio facing my computer or jewelry table, the garden is always in my peripheral vision. What’s interesting about the periphery is that you don’t know what’s floating in through the backdoor of your consciousness until it comes out in your work. Here are some of the highlights of our garden through my lens. What’s in your periphery?

Mother's Day

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 Mother's daughter Mila has been sick all weekend. She gave me this card for Mother's Day this morning. I added my own significance to the series and then asked her about the imagery. It was inspired from her favorite online novel Homestuck. I love love love it wherever the inspiration came from, and of course LOVE her because she's so her. Happy Mother's Day everyone!


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Two things I love in life are treasure hunting and making things. Recently I've been overindulging in both. I can't stop designing, which is a great problem to have unless you're my family and actually want to spend time with me. Inspiration seems to be everywhere - my walks at the lake near my house and my recent trip to the Tucson Gem Show. Tucson was a scavenging and buying trip. The sheer amount of raw materials at every price, exhibited from the Convention Center to shabby motel rooms was overwhelming. It was my idea of heaven. The challenge is to transform that "heaven" into jewelry.




Creative Provocateur

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 Recently I met Joslyn Taylor, editor, blogger, mom and all around woman of interest. We met over business but she left as my new friend and creative ally. We talked about our fragmented connection with our other creative women friends and wouldn't it be great if we could amass these women together for a Salon. I am envious of my friends in NY that talk about all these groups that get together to network and inspire and unify the creative community. Not being big on joining groups, I realized that if I curated my own group of women  I'd obviously want to come. I have discussed this notion for a long time with other artists I know but never took the time to get if together. Enter Joslyn...the woman that makes things happen. We brainstormed the idea and are planning the first one. I have no idea what form it will take but the idea now has momentum. 

Looking around my studio as we talked, Joslyn took photos of what she found inspiring in my studio. Here's a window into what I look at everyday. What do you look at everyday that inspires you?







The Launch

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On May 6th we previewed my premiere jewelry collection in Dallas at my studio and coupled it with a tour of my husband's garden. Hundreds of people came to shop and saunter through the garden with a glass of wine. It was a whirlwind and the culmination of 3 years of very hard work. 

We sold 5 times the amount of jewelry we anticipated, hit the ground running and haven't stopped. Within the first week the collection was mentioned in an article on Dallas women jewelry designers in WW Daily. Not bad for our first collection! This was followed by another article in Dallas's FD Luxe. The phones are ringing and we are rushing to launch our e-commerce site by mid June.

I guess I can now finally call myself a jewelry designer. I've been hedging on that moniker for awhile.