Garden and Gun: Made in the South

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We’re the Style & Design category finalist of Garden and Gun’s Made In The South Awards! We couldn’t be more honored to be among so many great Southern makers. Check out the list of winners here:, and pick up a copy of the new December/January issue of G&G to see us in the full awards feature! 

Inside and Out in Lakewood

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In the September issue of D Home magazine, stylist Joslyn Taylor and photographer Nathan Schoder caught the highlights of our house in Dallas. As my friends know, I have lost years off my life agonizing about chair fabric (if only I were kidding). My house is my sanctuary and I sweat every detail just like I do over my jewelry or anything else that involves an aesthetic decision. It's a blessing and a curse. 


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Recent feature on D Mom Blog


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 Joslyn Taylor, editor of D Moms Magazine writes quarterly on Dallas moms, their careers and family, and how they manage keeping it all together. In her profile of me, we talk candidly about the adoption of my daughter Mila and how I came to parenting late in life.

Pure Wow

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In the tangled web that is our jewelry box, you might find last year’s bangles, a statement necklace (or five) and even some J. Lo-worthy hoop earrings.

So perhaps because of this accessory-strewn landscape, we place a premium on versatility, especially items that can enhance even our most lackluster outfits.

That’s why we’re so enamored with Julie Cohn’s rings. And necklaces. And earrings. And bracelets. The multitalented Dallas artist--whose media have ranged from painting to printmaking, from box-making to bookbinding--has settled on creating delicate, nature-inspired bronze jewelry, and we couldn’t be happier.

In her new spring collection, we love the Noguchi ring ($150), which has a dappled texture, a nod to Cohn’s hallmark play on light and shadow. And we’d gladly make room for the dainty Tiny solitaire ($150), an asymmetric circle that looks sweet on its own and elegant among a stack of rings.

Two standouts include the Lega labradorite earrings ($475), which feature a splay of the clear gemstone that’s at once minimal and nuanced, and the adjustable (and irresistible) Ivy necklace ($525), which is made of the mineral prehnite and has "Art Ball” written all over it.

Equal parts rustic and refined, this is jewelry that’s worth collecting.

Julie Cohn’s jewelry is sold at the Lotus Shop at the Crow Collection of Asian Art and at The Fitting Room in Dallas.


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