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Posted on March 31 2017

I moved to Austin in 1973 for my last year of high school. It seemed like Utopia Texas. I was completely unprepared for the wild beauty of the city that became my home. The topography, vegetation, unbuilt vistas and laid back culture was Austin's identity. Armadillo World Headquarters hosted Bruce Springsteen's first tour and every other band I saw for the next few years. 

I was back in Austin last week for business and seeing old friends. It has changed in many ways that make me sad. The vistas are dotted with McMansions and corporate America has left its brand on a city that was once very untamed. Despite the changes Austin still has aspects of what I loved about it in the 70's. The wild landscape, funky neighborhoods, music and old dives still keep it Utopia Texas.

 Some favorites:

Old Thousand - art at a new favorite chinese restaurant on 11th st. Orange is the new black.  photo - eateraustin
  1. Dry Creek Inn - Relic dive bar that lasted 20 years past code violation with it's old salty owner. Nostalgia prevailed over the bulldozer.  R.I.P. multimedianewsroom.us2.

  2. Gardens - Garden and home store extraordinaire by James David and Gary Peece.   R.I.P.  digthedirt3.

  3. MT. Bonnell - Still beautiful but not the wild undeveloped vista it once was.   foursquare.com4.

  4. Uncommon Objects - the brilliantly curated ephemera store owned by artist Steve Wiman.  austinway.com5. 

  5. Old Thousand - art at a new favorite chinese restaurant on 11th st. Orange is the new black. eateraustin6. 

  6. My friend Nancy's beautifully wild garden. 

  7. Hotel San Jose - the beginning of Liz Lambert's hotel revolution.  Life Content


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