Lights at the end of the Tunnel: Luminaria

It has been almost 2 years since artist Diana Goldberg and I applied for our public art project at Dallas Love Field Airport and we are now literally seeing the lights at the end of the tunnel. Our piece Luminaria is currently at the fabricators and will be ready to install mid August. Last month we met with representatives from Love Field, the Aviation Dept. and the Dallas Public Art Program to view the first of 6  7'x10' brushed stainless steel lanterns. Not knowing if all the elements would come together in an elegant way and realize our original vision, we held our breath when they installed the lighting element. There was a collective sigh of relief to see that all of the elements came together just as we planned.This piece installs at the secondary exterior entrance to Love Field. If the ideas don't come together, there's nowhere to hide it.

This is by far the most ambitious project I have ever collaborated on. Without Diana's knowledge from 30 years of public art installations I would have been lost. Artists working in the public art sector are required to design/build; we have to hire engineers, read through soil reports, wind reports, structural reports, lighting and electrical engineering reports, work with fabricators and oversee the installation process. It took 6 months of CAD work just to interpret our designs for laser cutting on a CNC machine; slackers need not apply. Each lanturn is cut with an overall pattern that symbolizes an aspect of flight: Quantum Physics, Computers, Flight Routing, Wind Patterns, Jet Propulsion and the Bernoulli Principle. Lance Mayfield from LMS Fabrication is the guy you want when you're down to the fabrication and installation. Metal is his expertise and he never shies away from a challenge.


                                                               Here are some photos documenting the last month as we move towards completion.

Diana and me onsite at Love Field

                                                 Luminaria- Quantum Physics shown tacked welded together with protective paper covering the steel.

                                    The lanturn turned on it's side so the fabricator can roll it as they polish the welds. It looks like the end of a fuselage.

Quantum Physics illuminated

Luminaria- Quantum Physics illuminated

Luminaria - Flight Routing pattern, waiting for polishing.


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