Continuous Line Drawings

When I was in school, every drawing class began with a continuous line drawing exercise. You observed the subject, made one continuous line to render it, never lifting your pencil from the paper and never looking at your drawing while you were creating it. You ended up with a fluid yet coherent rendering.

I have always been drawn to the work of artists and jewelry designers whose work relies on line quality. I've been thinking a lot about how this relates to the necklaces in this season's collection. The bronze tube beads we make by hand are a design element we use a lot. When paired with irregular stones and worn as a long single strand they become a broken line but when worn doubled, they create a completely different geometry of lines. This is a prominent theme for fall 2017.

Some of my inspiration:

Top to bottom:

Sol Lewitt wall

Art Smith

Brice Marden   yama.

Alexander Calder   Valerie A. Heck

Turin Bulow-Hube 

Sol Lewitt

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