Inspiration for the Spring Collection

When I envision my jewelry collection I design the pieces to be worn separately or together like a collage of beloved jewelry acquired from traveling to far flung places. I've always been fascinated by the relaxed style of expats who vacationed in the 50's and 60's in Morocco, the Riviera, Greece and other dreamy places. Their style had a backstory about where they'd been, who their friends were and how they seemed to live this effortlessly chic life. Their casual, eclectic style mixed fine jewelry with less precious travel finds.

My personal taste runs from minimal to organic and rustic to refined. Designer Ilse Crawford said the rough becomes rougher when contrasted with something smooth and it is that juxtaposition that inspires my shapes, choice of materials, color palettes and techniques for production.

This spring is all about the sea: rough African glass in Mediterranean colors paired with polished bronze, lapis and apatite beads. Bold bronze earrings and minimal semi-precious stone tablets accent our layered strands of beads and stones. This season we celebrate the Elements with 4 charm necklaces evoking earth, water, fire and air. Certain artistic themes seem to be a consistent thread throughout my career. The Element necklaces are reminiscent of the collages  that decorated the handmade books I created in the 80's and 90's. It all comes full circle.


Aegean, Capri, Tangier, Azure

Ibiza, Cyprus, Boardwalk

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