The circle of life was the prevailing influence on everything that happened in my studio in the last six months. New staff, a new creative vibe and shedding skins. Rick Rubin’s book, The Creative Act: A Way of Being, opened my mind to listening more carefully to my creative intuition.

Every season I take a trip around the globe, back and forth in time, immersing myself in looking, collecting, and culling through the vast number of images and influences that I’m trying to marry together. Color, imperfect stones, texture, and technique drive my design process all while tying back into themes of previous collections. Nature, references to ancient jewelry, and a wabi sabi aesthetic are filtered through a modernist perspective and crafted to evidence the artist’s hand.

As we were completing the collection and moving towards photographing our new catalog, Miriana,
our model for the last 6 years, called to say she was pregnant and thought we may want to consider using someone else this time. She has come to be the only face of my brand and the gestalt of her beauty and attitude makes everything I design come to life. There was a poetry in this situation that mirrored everything else happening in the studio. Birth was manifesting from all directions.

Julie Cohn 

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