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My friend, Joslyn Taylor, came to Earth: Water/Mountain and wrote about it on her blog. It was a show curated by Ka and Jan Chuen Yeung at 33 at 2133. Read it here:

Earth: Water/Mountain (Or Yet Another Chance to Write About Rocks and Inspiring Ladies)

That in the past week I've gotten all misty over big slabs of stone (and other pretty things found in nature) and marveled at my good fortune in having a cadre of wickedly creative/lovely/inspiring lady friends seems awfully timely given last night's adventures.

My (creative/lovely/inspiring) friend, jewelry designer Julie Cohn along with the (equally creative/lovely/inspiring) stylist Jan Yeung invited Samand I and a group of our friends to a private preview of the upcoming exhibit EARTH: Water/ Mountain -- Artists Studies of Nature at Jan's pop-up gallery 33at2133.

The show features 33 objects that "reveal artist's perspective on nature through fine art, functional objects created from nature, symbols of nature, landscapes and design."

Among the insanely beautiful creations are a Qing dynasty scholar's rock, lacquered stones, Julie's stunning wearable works of art, a Nakashima bench, Jan's husband Ka Yeung's exquisite photographs and "Insincere Landscapes," and one of Il Lee's memorizing ballpoint works. And friends, every. single. piece. totally and completely blew my mind.

Full stop.

My Dallas friends can take in the exhibit (and purchase pieces) at 33at2133 this Friday from 6:30 to 9 pm and Saturday from 1 to 6 pm or by appointment for a limited time. I would highly recommend an in-person visit (see: "totally and completely blew my mind").

The rest of you lovely peeps can see the show in its entirety (and yes also purchase, and trust me, you will want to purchase something) on the the gallery's website starting Saturday.

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of some of the loveliness.

Thank you Jan and Julie for the wholly magical evening.

Ka Yeung's photography

Ka Yeung's "Insincere Lanscapes"

A piece by the incomparable Il Lee

Some of my amazing studio mates

Julie Cohn's beautiful jewelry

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