Symbolic Gestures

This spring we have been working on a capsule jewelry collection of wedding pieces. Stay tuned tomorrow as we post images and film of our awesome collaboration with floral designers Bows and Arrows, wedding photographer Heather Hawkins , Abernethy Media Professionals and many other talented stylists, make-up and hair people who will be helping to create a story of ceremony and ritual. Below are a few of our new pieces that we will be using for the shoot.

While I'm on the topic of jewelry and rituals, I have been meaning to post this story from a very romantic customer who's wife collects our jewelry. It's a testimony to the symbolic quality of jewelry and the very personal meaning that it holds. As we move into wedding season it seemed fitting to share his story of love and the symbolism behind the gift of a ring.


“Look what I found.” The waitress held out her hand, holding a pearl. It was small. Tiny. The smallest pearl we had ever seen. 

We were celebrating our anniversary in British Columbia. Smitty’s Oyster House in Gibsons BC was recommended by friends. Good food. Nice people. Fresh oysters. We didn’t really expect the waitress to be so nice as to give us the pearl she found. But she was good enough to do  and now we had a sentimental souvenir from our anniversary trip. The problem was, what to do with it?

It sat on the mantle in a plastic baggie for a couple of months. The sentimental value was a bit of a curse. We couldn’t get rid of it. But it was too small to do anything with.

 Mid-January, I received an email from Julie Cohn Design. I had recently bought a ring for my wife from Julie Cohn Design. She loves her pieces and has a couple of fingers full of Julie's rings. It was then that I noticed a ring with a small moonstone and it sparked an idea. The moonstone was the approximate size of the pearl. What if....

 After a series of emails with Julie to discuss the possibilities, the perfect Valentine’s gift was created.

 When Feb 14th rolled around, I couldn’t wait for my wife to open her gift. She opened the package and was excited to find another Julie C ring.

 “Another Julie Cohn ring. You’re running out of finger space.” I said. “I love it!” – she said  “Do you know what kind of stone it is?” I said.  “Nope.” she replied

 “Really? Take a closer look. What kinda of stone is it?”  “I have no idea. Maybe a pearl? <long pause> It’s THE pearl!!!” – Julie

 Finally, that little pearl found the perfect home; it's sentimental journey had come full circle. 

( The Mini Solitaire, Organic Band and Cleopatra London Blue are all part of her stack )


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