2017 Fall Collection

Twice a year, August and February, I premiere new jewelry at Handmade NY Now at the Javitts center in NYC. Ethnic modern sums up the look of this season. Forms reminiscent of African shields and roman jewelry are coupled with antique african beads and our primitive hand formed bronze beads then strung together in a pared down modern style. Carnelian, jade, lapis, kyanite, agate, crystal and black tourmaline form the palette. Necklaces from previous seasons are worn doubled at shorter lengths to create layering, texture and mass. This season we used our petite mari bronze tube beads to create abstract thick and thin lines that leave stones articulated like points on a line - ode in part to my love of Jackson Pollack, Brice Marden, Sol Lewitt, Elliott Pucket, Ross Bleckner and other artists who work with continuous line and dot patterns. My work has always been designed to collage together pieces but also to stand alone as a single statement. I hope you like what I've added this season.


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