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I'm Poor Magazine is Benjii Aguirre's former instagram feed. He should have been born an aristocrat but since he wasn't he has procured elements of aristocratic life that elevate his daily life experience. He wears his own designed clothing to work, drinks out of a stemmed goblet at lunch and enjoys the finer things in life in small extraordinary moments.

Benjii comes and goes from our staff. He travels around the world in spiritual pursuit and reappears when we least expect him. He is the most skilled fabricator of everyone in the studio. Also a graduate of the arts magnet high school, he brings his love of couture into our collaborative design meetings and for the moment ...solders earwires in quantity. Even in high school his eccentric outfits and brick shoes were fairly notorious. Jewelry production is not glamorous work but it does require patience, skill and speed. Below is a picture of his sterling silver eye glasses. Did I mention he also makes marble plates?? Another one of his many interests. 


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