Posted on May 30 2017

I am, bar none, the worst client I've ever had; I'm difficult to please and a perfectionist. When I design my line I focus on what's missing from my own wardrobe. That perspective will most of the time yield some of the most interesting pieces in the collection. Because my clothing style leans towards norm core, accessorizing with my own jewelry says a lot about my sense of personal style. I picked some of my most favorite pieces in the collection and this is how I wear them:

1. I, like a lot of people have a preponderance of black in my closet.The Molten necklace is the perfect textural piece for a black on black statement. It's short and chunky and makes a plain black top come alive.

2. The Needle earrings are minimal but show off their handmade character. They are just the right amount of bronze glimmer when they dangle against my hair.

3. My everyday ring stack is the sterling Asteroid, bronze Lava and bronze Caviar rings stacked on my ring finger and the sterling Lily Pad on my middle finger. Sculptural, textural and mixed metals create a beautiful collage.

4. The Roman Chain necklace sits perfectly inside the color of a white shirt - simple, hand made and classic.

5. The Bolo is a singular bold statement - simple, primitive and stands on it's own. It defines an outfit.

6. The Petite Mari Aventurine necklace is a long, green line drawing. It's a combination of variegated Tourmaline, bronze hand formed tube beads with Aventurine punctuations. It is the perfect amount of understated color and simplicity. 

Each piece in the collection has its own personality - many play well together and others are only children. The creative part is putting it all together to define your own sense of personal style. 



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