My Mom, The Bev

My mother is 92. For as long as I can remember we have referred to her as "The Bev", (short for Beverly) because she has been a force to contend with as a social activist. When I was twenty, my only sibling passed away very suddenly. It destroyed a part of my mother's life. I became a parent at 45 when I adopted my daughter Mila from China. She was a gift to me, but for my mother, Mila was an opportunity to open her heart again. My mother has experienced much personal loss but survived by giving back to others.

The Bev's whole life, back to her summer spent at a Zionist camp in the 40's, has been learning how to advocate for those who do not have a voice. Healthcare, housing, education, senior care, human trafficking, resettling Russian immigrants, taking on state government and getting millions of dollars allocated in matching federal grant funds for medicaid, women's issues etc....I think you can see where this is headed. She is a boots on the ground energizer bunny for equality. My 16 year old daughter has attended so many events honoring her grandmother she must think that's what all grandmothers do.

Three years ago my mom broke her hip; her boots on the ground have slowed down and have been replaced with wheels. It drives her crazy that she is unable to heed the call to action with her former vigor; she's a revved motor stuck in first gear. Her righteous indignation fuels her on as she continues her love affair with Rachel Maddow. 

I have learned a lot from my mother and her peers, all in their 90's still affecting change. My social action is in steps, not strides as is my daughters. The Bev set the bar pretty high. I cherish this picture from the Women's March in Dallas of Mila, Mom and me together standing at the sidelines before Mila and I marched. Just being there and seeing the diversity of people committed to equality was monumental for her. 

We are not a family of photo takers. Thank God for my friends who documented a record of my family being on the planet. This week in celebration of Mother's Day I thought I'd share some memorable photos I have of our 3 generations together. 

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