Mother's Day

Do you remember the art we made in elementary school for Mother's Day gifts? It was most likely made out of popsicle sticks...a material that is no longer part of my repertoire of art supplies but that I look back upon fondly. Every year my daughter at the last minute, when she realizes (like a deer in the headlights) that she's forgotten Mother's Day again, asks me what I want. I always tell her to make me a card. She whips out something in a flash and it's better than anything she could have purchased. My own mother is 92; I'm not pulling out the popsicle sticks but I am still making her a gift.

All of us want to be acknowledged in some personal way for being a mom. There is still something nostalgic about continuing on that tradition of showing love by making gifts. Every piece of jewelry in our collection is handmade; it is not sitting on a shelf somewhere in the studio, but made for you personally when you order it. Up the ante this year for your mom and give her a handmade sentiment. Retire the popsicle sticks (unless that's your medium) and honor her with a piece of jewelry that you took the time to pick out just for her. I promise it will mean the world. Here are a few of my favorite pieces that can arrive in time for Mother's Day.

Left to right, top to bottom

1. Cirrus Necklace

2. Smoke Necklace

3. L-R Lily  Pad, Eve, Waterfall, Starfish Pearl, Helena Diamond, Twig Mint

4. T-B  Roman Cuff, Seaweed Cuff, Roman Chain Bracelet

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